Hyperbaric chambers

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What mHBOT is used for in your business?

What chamber are you looking for?

What experience we deliver to YOUR clients?

What experience can we offer to your clients?

What do you need to know about our hyperbaric chambers?

What do we guarantee within purchase and maintaining?

What do we guarantee?

The chambers are spacious enough and equipped with a mattress designed with comfort in mind to keep your customers cosy.

Inside the chamber the noise level is low and allows either to have a nap, listen to the music or work on a laptop.

Our technology is easy to use and requires little training before using the device

The pressure indicator and the valve situated on the inner chamber's shell as well as possibility to open the chamber from inside make Your clients to experience easy control over the device.

Your customers can remain on-line, work or have leisure time as all kinds of electronic devices are allowed to bring them into chamber. USB port keeps them charged and during the session.

Our hyperbaric chamber can be plugged into a standard outlet. No adapter is needed, just a regular 230V socket.

There are no side effects as the pressure inside the chamber is lower than in a medical procedures.

Also, no artificial chemical substances are involved.  Only pure oxygen!

Within Europe the guaranteed service available in
36 hours

Easy installation

Control from outside and inside


Comfort and space

Low noise level

USB port

Service in 36 hours

User friendly technology

Our hyperbaric chambers family contains three types of products which differ with rigid or flexible construction and the way how the patient sits in the capsule.


A concentrator delivering oxygen through mask, Airsep Newlife intensity 10, is the vital part of every our hyperbaric chamber. Designed by CAIRE Inc., a leading global dedicated oxygen supply manufacturer, is the most durable and capable high-, continuous-flow stationary oxygen concentrator.




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